Dedicated solution for auto file transfer & data sharing


XChange Cloud streamlines and enhances business, logistical and vessel operations by providing a reliable, easy to manage platform to share important files of any size or type throughout a fleet. The system is purpose designed to meet the more advanced needs for ship efficiency and data transmission over a satcom environment compared to mainstream cloud storage and file transfer systems. Furthermore, XChange Cloud can reduce the chance of administration errors through its automatic synchronisation feature, which is available as standard.


  • Digital File Sharing: with no size or file-type limits, users can adopt secure digital file sharing into their operations with ease
  • Flexible File Synchronisation: store and collect data from local systems on board or distribute files to the entire fleet from a centralised location
  • Best use of bandwidth: optimal file transfer and on the fly compression for optimised syncronisation over satcom
  • Cost Effective: saves money considerably compared to other bandwidth-heavy file sharing processes
  • Mirrored Content: all files are mirrored between shore and ship meaning files uploaded on the one side are transmitted and stored on the other side automatically. No files are lost until deleted manually.
  • Security: shipping companies can be confident in the security of any data shared within the closed-ecosystem, which is segregated from the public Internet and accessible only with approved credentials
  • Automation: provides the essential tools for automated system communication, enabling digital applications to automatically transmit data to shore and across the fleet
  • Simple Configuration: straightforwardly access the Cloud application through remote activation without the need for additional hardware or software


  • Simple to use and manage: push files or keep them synchronised between shore and ship
  • Optimal procedures: no need for individual user license management (unlike with mainstream cloud storage options)
  • Minimal administrative effort: automatically share files with the entire fleet
  • No size limitations: distribute huge amounts of files, manuals, videos, etc. without disturbing business communication
  • Fully automatic: automate file transfers and communication between systems
  • Exclusive access: decide who can access the Cloud (login and password required), share access only with authorised staff
  • Transparent: collect status reports of all onboard systems automatically, without manual intervention
  • Facilitates archiving: build and store a history of transmitted files
  • No extra equipment or applications required.

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