Marlink Maritime CyberGuard Detection Service


Marlink’s strong commitment to providing dependable tools to defend against cyber-attack continues at 2019, as the company reveals sophisticated new ‘IT Breach Policy’ monitoring for its CyberGuard Detection service. Designed to monitor internet and network usage that deviates from the IT policy set by the IT department, it will immediately raise an alert as soon as suspicious activity is detected. The module builds on the CyberGuard Detection service’s monitoring of all outbound and inbound network traffic through a combined automated and expert support approach.

Marlink continued to further advance its new CyberGuard portfolio during the first half of 2019 in close collaboration with its global customers, together representing 200 container vessels, tankers and bulkers, and more than 4000 crew. The program helped Marlink to identify, share and evolve new customer-relevant innovations in the context of cyber-security. 24/7 monitoring generated diverse feedback and data, allowing Marlink to consider new use cases and risk scenarios, and evolve the service proposition with features such as the IT Breach Policy to provide an even more thorough protection of customers IT network and assets, and the introduction of a new dedicated notification system on alerts and incidents.

A key finding of the customer collaboration program is that crew are prone to unknowingly open backdoors on corporate devices, which may subsequently be used for cyber-attacks. For example, by using on board PCs to download content from untrusted sites, it is possible that malicious components may be installed acting as a Remote Access Tool (RAT) for cyber-attackers. While the human element has always contributed to cyber-risk, the direct feedback helped Marlink to build the new IT Breach Policy to mitigate the risk of crew members inadvertently enabling a successful incursion by hackers.