Telemed Services

Telemed Services

Peace of mind for a safe and healthy crew

With the health and safety of crew and passengers paramount, XChange Telemed provides the ideal, cost-efficient solution for managing illness or injuries onboard and meets the new ILO/MLC and IMO/STCW labour regulations for crew health and medical treatment. Furthermore, thanks to the secure transmission and storing of medical data, XChange Telemed assists the onshore medical professional in his decision-making, and may thereby avoid unnecessary and costly vessel re-routings or evacuation. The solution comprises a compact suitcase with CE certified medical equipment and an interactive web portal facilitating immediate video medical consultations and giving doctors full access to the patient’s medical data; ensuring crew members receive fast, effective and interactive medical support.


Fully contained within a reinforced, portable case is the comprehensive, ready-to-go kit enabling the capture and transmission of vital data of patients in order to establish a remote diagnosis
Clear instructions and reference diagrams are enclosed to assist the remote user with data capture, viewing and sending
Medical data is then centrally displayed on the enclosed tablet PC and on the web portal viewed by the Doctor ashore, while the HD camera enables an interactive consultation.

Our standard solution comprises:
Leasing and maintenance of Telemed station including touchscreen interface
Access to the web-based portal enabling doctors to view the video link and access patient data
Medical Assistance by the public Telemedical Maritime Assistance Service (TMAS) or by the company’s appointed Doctor or medical professional
Satcom optimized live remote video consultation
Secured patient data transfer and hosting
Large-scale worldwide logistics and 24/7 Customer Care


By enabling real-time teleconferencing with experienced Doctors ashore, many crew illnesses and injuries can be treated onboard reducing down time for a sick or injured crew member, and providing important documentation in the event of a crew claim. Furthermore, the use of this system could significantly prevent the need for an expensive helicopter evacuation or vessel rerouting (the cost of which would likely far exceed the entire lifetime cost of the Telemed service.)


On-board Telemed Kit*: vital medical equipment, touch-screen interface and HD picture and video, fully compact and enclosed into one, handy light weight suitcase with quick use guide and reference diagrams. On-shore interactive web portal: accessed by the on-shore Doctor, securely displays medical data and enables interactive video consultation via web cam.  
*Plus other complementary Bluetooth® or USB biomedical sensors including: Spirometer, Eye Analyzer and Ultrasound scanner. All CE Medical Certified.

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