XChange BYOD (Wi-fi)

XChange BYOD (Wi-fi)

Allow your crew to stay online at sea – just like at home

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an innovative and cost-effective communication solution simplifying the use of personal devices at sea. Bring Your Own Device enables crew to call home and surf the web with their own personal devices via the free XChange Voice and Data Apps. With the XChange Voice app, crew can comfortably use their smartphones to call family and friends, or even anyone else onboard, in just one click; while the XChange Data app, enables them to surf the web, send emails or check news from the comfort of their own cabin.

  • Fully preconfigured and harmonised with XChange
  • Quick and easy to deploy hardware
  • Free Voice and Data apps

As a packaged solution, BYOD comes at an affordable monthly charge comprising the hardware and service support, without any additional or hidden costs.

Designed for XChange, BYOD is a plug & play solution that provides optimal access to the XChange environment via personal devices.

  • Responds to crew demand for more privacy
  • Brings more value at low costs
  • Meets IT requirements to enable personal devices onboard