Cyber Detection

Cyber Detection

Cyber Detection service scans your network traffic for any sophisticated, targeted threats that may be putting the confidentiality and continuity of your business operations at risk. All outbound and inbound network traffic is monitored around the clock, while customers can view threats affecting their vessels through the intuitive, web-based Cyber Dashboard. Notifications on critical threats may be configured to be received by email and/or SMS. In parallel, Marlink’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) works for you to hunt for sophisticated targeted threats which often pass “under the radar” of automated, traditional security solutions.

Threat and Intrusion Monitoring: the service monitors all network traffic around the clock and provides an overview of threats affecting your vessels through the intuitive Cyber Dashboard

Cyber Dashboard: dynamic web-based dashboard overview with live alerts and historical archive

Suggested Counter-Measures: each threat description gives practical counter-measure suggestions to remedy the incident, while notifications on critical threats may be received by email and/or SMS

IT Policy conformity: tune detection profiles to your Company’s IT policy and detect any abusive usage and policy breaches onboard

Versatile Package Options: Choose from a range of service packages in accordance with your preferences and in-house resources

Marlink Security Operations Centre (SOC): Business package customers benefit from customised threat monitoring by our highly-skilled cyber security experts focused exclusively on maritime satellite communications networks, hunting to uncover advanced cyber-attacks explicitly targeting your company

Cyber Consultation: large portfolio of supplementary on demand Cyber Consultancy services, including in-depth incident investigation and response, intrusion tests, vulnerability scans or network audits

Full visibility: Cyber Detection can uncover a multitude of issues and is continually evolved to keep up with the latest threat landscape, including: malicious applications, abusive usage, intrusion attempts, confirmed intrusions, social engineering, etc.

Actionable: Each alert clearly states the affected vessel, scope and recommended counter-measures to resolve the threat

Customisable: Configure detection profiles according to your internal IT policy and vessel type(s), e.g. to uncover abusive usage onboard circumventing protection systems

Maritime Specialists: Marlink SOC is operated by highly-skilled cyber security experts, possessing a deep knowledge of how attackers focused specifically on the maritime industry operate and impact shipping companies

Scalable: Our subscription model results in a service which is suitable for companies and fleets of any size or type, with no up-front investment required

Start today! No additional hardware and on-board installation is required. Ozsay Satellite will be glad to activate the Cyber Detection service for you today!