Swift 64

Swift 64

Swift64 is designed to meet the needs of the flight crew and passengers onboard commercial, government and business aircrafts. It provides Mobile ISDN service which enables quick transfer of large data files, while its Mobile Packed Data Service is suited for applications such as internet access and email. Swift64 also offers broadcast quality voice communications. Through Swifts 64 Kbps-per-channel form it provides ample bandwidth for flight planning, weather and chart updates, together with flight arrival gate and connection information.


  • 64 Kbps throughput per ISDN channel
  • Optional bonding of channels to yield up to 1 MB, which can be increased further through data compression depending on coverage and region
  • Large file transfer such as presentations, graphics and videos
  • Wide range of crew and passenger applications
  • Operates globally within the Inmarsat sport beam coverage area


  • High-speed data for to airline operations and in flight business communications
  • Flexible enough to operate with almost any application supported by terrestrial-based networks
  • Single Channel per Carrier provides a cost-effective voice-only service
  • Secure and reliable, with easy installation and network integration
  • Compatible with Aero H/H+ aircraft antenna and available globally within the Inmarsat spot beam coverage areas
  • Compact, small and light terminals for easy installation and network integration.

Digital Solutions:

  • SkyFile® Mail: reliable and cost-effective email, fax and SMS messaging.
  • SkyFile® Anti Virus: fully automatic, over the air anti-virus updates.
  • Data Manager: professional IP features to manage data communications and for secure access to corporate networks.
  • Fixed to Mobile Call Solutions: low-cost ground-to-air calling.
  • Universal Card Go: Flexible and easy prepaid voice calling, SMS, email and web usage.
  • The Source®: efficient online business tool to control and monitor trafficplatform: provides centralized voice, VoIP, data, internet access and optimizes communication management.

Swift64 Coverage Map: