Inmarsat Fleet Xpress

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress delivers the high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat’s GlobalXpress Ka-band technology combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband L-band service.

Fleet Broadband being the backup service of the main GlobalXpress service, the switch between both services is fully managed by Inmarsat via the Network Service Device (NSD). The NSD is a box built on the Cisco 2911.

Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that ship owners and operators can improve business intelligence, enhance efficiency, performance and crew welfare, and in turn run their businesses more effectively.

  • Unlimited data service across Ka-band and FB on one price
  • Fully Managed service
  • Affordable voice calls
  • Multiple voice options for crew and operations
  • 24/7 support
  • A variety of flexible data plans.


  • Continuous Connectivity: Ultimate reliability through a dual satellite constellation using Ka-band with unlimited L-band back-up, ensuring seamless global mobility
  • Guaranteed Performance: Committed data rates backed-up by service level agreements guarantee that the customer always gets what they pay for
  • Controlled Costs: More accurate cost management with a wide selection of flexible subscription packages and one invoice
  • Fully Managed Support: Standardized plug-and-play service with 24/7/365 management, monitoring and support globally, for simplicity and complete peace of mind
  • Business Applications: A unique opportunity for enhanced operations by deploying value added services developed by third party application providers.

Digital Solutions:

 provides centralized voice, VoIP, data, internet access and optimizes communication management.
SkyFile® Mail: reliable, secure and cost-efficient data transmission via email, e-fax and SMS.
SkyFile® Anti Virus: full protection from malicious software such as viruses, spyware etc.
SkyFile® eNOAD: create & transmit regulatory forms, in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard and national VMS.
Universal Card Go: prepaid voice calling, SMS, email & web usage – all in one card.
Fixed to Mobile Call Solutions: easy shore-to-ship calling.
Portal 360: Marlink’s online portal enables quick and easy monitoring at your fingertips.
Interconnect: connect your mobile satellite terminal to your corporate network in total security.